Sunday, March 7, 2010

Open My Eyes and Make Me See

I just got new glasses. They're Calvin Klein, super cool...because I care so much about brands. But the thing about these new glasses is that they have progressive lenses, which is a nice way of saying that my new glasses are no-line trifocals. I'm all for improved vision. I actually paid for these new lenses and frames. But the truth was that I was intimidated by them. I was afraid they were going to make me nauseated, that maybe I couldn't get the head movement down right to see clearly. And after I got them, they made my eyes really tired. I wasn't used to having 3 different prescriptions all at the same time. So my temptation was to take them off, set them aside and put my old glasses back on. My vision wasn't that bad, I could see most things and if I hit "ctrl ++" enough times even the computer was clear. Adjusting to this new way of seeing felt too hard, it wasn't convenient.

Isn't it funny how that mimics my Christian walk? My life before I was truly walking with Christ wasn't that bad. But God's not satisfied with satisfactory. Jesus came so that I could have a full and abundant life. He wants my relationships to be the best they can be, he wants my relationship with Him to be the best it can be. But the truth is, those things can feel really hard. A new way of relating to my husband or my kids or my friends or even the clerk at Walmart can make me tired and I can be tempted to reach for the old way of relating just like I wanted to put back on my old glasses. But when I decide that God's way is too hard, I'm deciding to live my life with clouded vision. I'm deciding that I would rather miss all the small details, all the small blessings that come from seeing life clearly because I'm walking in step with Christ.

I'm still adjusting to my new glasses, but I haven't put my old ones back on yet and each day it gets a little easier. And I'm still walking out my life with Christ; step by step, day by day. Want to join me? Want to give up the old and familiar for a life filled to overflowing? It won't always be easy--I'm not going to lie. But the things you see with clear vision make it worth all the work.

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